Could holocaust happen again

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Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial

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Could it happen again?

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Holocaust denial

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The Nazi Party: IBM &

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Setting the Stage for the Holocaust.


Antisemitic myths about World War I's end played a role in Hitler's rise to power. Learn More. The Great War had already taken so many. Then, as the war was in its death throes, a new enemy struck. With symptoms so grotesque some called it the "black flu", it was the disease that came to be.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum joined in the chorus of voices condemning the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month, decrying the neo-Nazi, racist and antisemitic.

The Holocaust

Jun 24,  · Wiesenthal argues that it’s not accidental that the Holocaust happened to the Jews—a minority group discriminated against in most European countries who didn’t have a country of their own—but the also maintains that genocide could happen again, to the Jews or to other groups of victims, if the following six conditions are met.

This means that the Holocaust could happen again, as soon as madness or an unfortunate circumstance meets this latent idea of there being inferior groups of humans.

No human is sub-human, not even Hitler himself.

Could holocaust happen again
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