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Superworm: Secret Identity [Worm x Superman: Secret Identity]

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Essentially, we can use more burst writing for any mistakes we want to practice and then use in longer accidents. Search all Year 2 English worksheets by category Writing 'Missing' posters for favourite toys, devising menus, reviewing books, filling story treasure chests, teaching aliens to brush their teeth and more – this learning pack is bursting with fun activities to boost literacy.

The 1-page weekly lesson plan has ideas for center activities, read alouds, whole group lessons, small group math lessons, small group science lessons, and small group literacy lessons.

Dec 18,  · Dawn – Rise Clark held the weight of the bridge on his back, straining with effort. A drone flew through the air and came to hover in front of him, and Dragon’s face flickered onto the screen on it.

Thanks to my Twitter crew for pointing me in the direction of these 'Marvel Character Bios' which I took and made into lovely pdfs. Stacie G (@StacieG86) had the great idea of taking the required info from the character bios and making Top Trumps cards with that info (there are blank Top Trump templates in the Maths Top Trump Shed).

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Tabby McTat, The Musical Cat [Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tabby McTat loves his life on the streets with his owner, Fred, singing (and caterwauling) for coins that people throw in.

Here are some fun sites for you to visit. Visit the literacy or numeracy activities pages for even more games and videos!

Superworm writing activities
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