Tarantinos filming methods

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Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight was filmed on the ‘preserved’ Schmid Ranch in Colorado

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Tarantino’s Love for Music

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Vivica A. Fox: Quentin Tarantino 'tore into' the cast during 'Kill Bill' filming

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Directors’ trademarks is a series of articles that examines the “signatures” that filmmakers leave behind in their work. This month, with the release of The Hateful Eight, we’re examining the trademark style and calling signs of Quentin Tarantino as director.

Whenever a new Tarantino film comes out, it’s always an event. His eclectic style and unorthodox directing methods earned him a reputation as a true auteur and a cult favorite among film geeks.

He is one of only a handful of directors working in Hollywood today who has a final cut privilege and complete creative control over the film. Film Techniques of Alfred Hitchcock.

Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight was filmed on the ‘preserved’ Schmid Ranch in Colorado

Independent film director Jeffrey Michael Bays, a life-long fan of Alfred Hitchcock, has written these articles and the accompanying eBook to further spread the brilliant simplicity of Hitchcock's creative genius.

The Four Key Elements on Tarantino Films Quentin Tarantino has revolutionized the film industry. From his first directorial debut of Reservoir Dogs () to his latest film Django Unchained () he has presented the audience with unique techniques to intrigue and capture their desires for more.

I. Tarantino's genius stems from the fact that it is both inspired by and a result of an extreme infatuation with movies. His technique comprises what he has seen and admired in other films.

Tarantinos filming methods
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Quentin Tarantino's Trademarks - The Quentin Tarantino Archives