Unhealthy healthy meal

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Healthy Meal Planning

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Don't fall for foods labeled fat-free, low. The road to healthy eating is easy with delicious recipes from Food Network. Browse our collection for healthy tips and menu ideas, including low-fat, low-calorie and low-carb recipes.

So for instance, you might be eating raw food, but eating too much of it. Or you might be eating raw food, but eating too much of one category and not enough of another.

Neither of these scenarios is very healthy. Or, you might be eating raw food but not drinking. How to Eat Healthy. Changing how you eat is a major step on the road to getting fit.

There's more to a balanced diet than simply eating your fruits and vegetables, so knowing what foods to look out for will help you create a nutrition plan.

A Week of Healthy Meal Plans Studying a few examples may make this whole meal planning thing easier, so here's a full week's worth. You don't need to follow the days in order; you can choose any meal plan, skip one or repeat as you like.

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Unhealthy healthy meal
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